Brazil, Feb 2021

  • Drilling two holes (~200 m each) through the Tamengo and Guaicurus formations in the Corumbá region, Brazil, is due to start on 25 Feb 2021.
  • Follow the daily progress at the drill site here.

Namibia, Sept – Nov 2019

  • Drilling commenced on 24 Sept 2019 and the on-site GRIND-ECT team consisted of ~2-3 international researchers and 1-2 colleagues from the Geological Survey of Namibia who have been on-site throughout drilling.
  • Five holes have been successfully drilled with 2 failed holes (details below).
  • Core recovery has been between 95-100% and the quality is excellent (see below; core depths c. 78-84 m of 1A).
  • Drilling was completed on 12 Nov 2019.
  • Daily updates and details while we were drilling can be found here.